Keep Developing Your Talent

Emerging Leaders Program:

Our flagship program. Super-strong learning model. Small group peer learning + One-on-one focused coaching + Access to leaders. No binders. No PowerPoint decks.  Just better performance and improved retention. 

Individual Coaching:

Targeted support for top talent. Accelerated growth. Increased capability. No faster way to learn.

Keep Using Online Tools


Put the techniques of the best leaders in the hands of your managers. More than training or e-learning, it's interactive. Finally a way for the huge middle group to know what to do, when and how. And to ensure they do it and measure it. Completely unique.

Leadership 360:

A staple for any organization committed to people development. Measures 22 leadership behaviors. Compares scores before and after development. Reports back on scores across departments. Totally customizable. Still the most powerful form of feedback around.



Daniel O'Connor

M. Ed., C.H.R.P


Daniel is President of Keepers, a Toronto-based leadership development and retention company. Since founding Keepers 25 years ago, Daniel has been working with leaders and top talent to hone their skills and unleash their full potential. A Master Coach with over 12,000 hours of coaching experience, Daniel leads a team of passionate and experienced leadership coaches who are among the best in the industry. To support his work Daniel has developed unique proprietary tools such as Keepers Leadership 360. 

Daniels experience includes a wide range of industry experience from working with start up companies to helping develop the leadership of large global organizations such as Deloitte. He is currently excited about the work being done in neuroscience and what it tells us about our behaviour.  He has also been learning a lot about the unconscious and consious formation of habits and the role they can play in our success.

Daniel is a Certified Human Resource Professional with a Master in Education degree from the University of Ottawa and a certified Myers Briggs practitioner. Daniel thrives on being able to have a positive, lasting impact on the lives of the people he and his team coaches.

He is also an award-winning filmmaker.



M. Ed.


Joanna has 25 years of global experience supporting clients around the world to build leadership capacities that generate desired results. She has had a wide range of clients from more than 30 countries including leaders from professional services to non-profit organizations, to networks and global organizations. In her current work she helps leaders to learn and grow their capacity to observe and reflect on themselves, their actions and the results they are generating in their work and lives. She focuses leaders on deepening their understanding of their core strengths in domains that are relevant to the future they want to create. In her work Joanna keeps in mind the importance of aligning individual hopes and goals, with those of their teams, communities, organizations and systems, in order to truly bring about transformative change.

Joanna has completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Western Ontario, a Master's degree in Workplace Learning and Change at the University of Toronto, and diplomas in Ontological Coaching through the Newfield Network and Emotional Intelligence through the Institute for Health and Human Potential.

She is a musician who lives in rural Ontario, Canada with her husband and two golden-rescue retrievers.


Loretta White



Loretta has over 20 years experience working with leaders at all levels in a variety of industries.  Her career includes a number of strategic human resources leadership roles with the last eight years focusing on what she loves most - building the potential of her clients.

Loretta creates strong partnerships that drive desired results at both an individual and organizational level.  Her coaching style takes a holistic approach focused on the leader both as an individual and business professional.  Working together she helps her clients increase their self-awareness, become clear on their desired impact and leverage their full capacity as a leader.  In 2009, Loretta and one of her multinational clients were honoured with the International Coaching Federation PRISM Award for creating excellence and enhanced business performance through commitment to coaching as a leadership strategy. 

Loretta holds a Masters of Industrial Relations Degree and Certificate in Applied Mindfulness from the University of Toronto along with a Bachelor of Science Honours Psychology Degree from Acadia Univeristy.  She is a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. She volunteers her time to mentor graduates of the Masters of Industrial Relations Program, and serves as Mentor Coach while also coaching clients of the charity organization Up With Women.